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In 2015, Brett Partington founded the Facebook Group ‘Dementia Downunder’ which offers valuable support to over 3600 families, carers & nurses dealing with dementia around Australia, with a ‘people helping people’ philosophy.

The group has overseas members, proving that support for people with dementia, and for people caring for those with dementia, and their caregivers is not a local, or national problem... it’s a global need.

logoThe Dodoma School for the Deaf


The deaf in any poor nation, are not the nation’s highest economic priority. Opportunities are non-existent, and options are not good.

Our Directors first met Robin Donkersgoed, the Dutch Australian founder of the school in 2001. They visited the small residential school for the deaf that Robin had established in a very remote, but “enlightened” village, where the community did not perceive the deaf children as a “curse”, nor treat them as beasts of burden or sexual objects.  Robin explained at that time, that his vision was to establish a regional educational, resource and assessment centre in the nation's administrative capital of Dodoma.

What has been achieved since that time is nothing short of remarkable. Robin has devoted 20 years of his life, motivated purely by his love for humanity, to educate deaf children and train them in social and vocational skills.

The school, which functions under the joint management of the EOTAS Foundation (a Dutch NGO) and the Municipality of Dodoma, has as its mission "to provide quality education and empower deaf children in Tanzania to build a future of dignified life and self-reliance." The standard Tanzanian education curricula is taught, and the older students are also taught computing, administration, hospitality, mechanics, welding, and a range of construction skills.

Dodoma School for the Deaf, Tanzania, Africa

Not only are the buildings impressive, equally impressive, and even more important are the educational results of the school.  The Tanzanian government's data shows this school's academic performance as higher than the national average. It is phenomenal what's been achieved by "the power of one".

The students have also built several 3.5 star tourist cottages, Camp Holland. The revenue generated helps support the school, and servicing the accommodation provides employment for the students.

Why not visit and see for yourself?

So, if you've ever considered a holiday in Africa, do it!  Visit Tanzania. Arrive in throbbing Dar Es Salaam, take the ferry to the beautiful island of Zanzibar. Then, travel to Dodoma and spend a week or so at Camp Holland.  While you're there visit the school and meet the kids.

African villagerThen head north to Arusha, and meet the Maasai people. Visit the Cultural Heritage Centre and the Maasai markets, and then take the short trip to the Ngorogoro Conservation Area. Stay at one of the many magnificent lodges which perch on the perimeter of the massive ancient crater (8,292 km²). Then the next day, descend into the verdant environment, on safari. You’ll experience African animals in their natural habitat

Then travel out to the Serengeti for an entirely different but equally exciting safari, where you will see giraffes.  To finish your journey, climb Mount Kilimanjaro.  You'll never regret the experiences that Tanzania offers, nor the support you have provided to the Dodoma School for the Deaf 
To learn more please visit website: www.eotasfoundation.org

logo Adelaide Hills Escape – Care Cottage

Adelaide Hills Escape - Care Cottage is a popular guesthouse in the beautiful country town of Woodside. It is centrally located to most wineries in the Adelaide Hills, with modern décor and all the comforts of home. It is a favoured tourist accommodation for couples and families and has ‘special pricing’ for midweek stays.

The guesthouse is unique in that it can also be utilized as a “care cottage”.  Brett Partington is a compassionate host who understands dementia with no judgement, and offers a supportive environment for both the person with dementia and their caregivers/family members.

The “care cottage” is suitable for short getaways for families who may have a loved one with early stage dementia. The objective of the cottage is to provide a safe place where families can relax and recharge whilst still caring for the person with dementia. The property is very private with large hedges, lockable gates and no rear entry doors.

Lights are dimmable for creating a calm & soothing space, and ceilings fans have multi speed adjustments to suit the individual. The cottage is quiet and tranquil which is ideal for someone with dementia. The farm animals in the neighbouring property (Shetland ponies currently) are an added delight.



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