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  • Provide the Continuing Professional Development you need
  • Want to support your health and wellbeing
  • Will encourage you to stay involved with your community
  • Guarantee we offer high quality services to meet your needs
  • Commit to working with you to assist you to ensure your clients and your loved ones retain as much independence as possible.

Caring can be challenging and there may be times when you need a break. Carers and Health Professionals need a break at times, and the client or loved one may also need respite.

Anyone who has provided ongoing personal care services for someone with special needs, whether that is an intellectual disability, a physical disability and/or a mental illness, can grow weary. Life is a big responsibility – the life of another is even more so, and sometimes the weight of the responsibility can feel overwhelming.

Through the Continuing Professional Development, Silver Service Care will provide you with the coping strategies and behavioural responses that will ensure you:

  • Feel good about yourself
  • Feel good about your client or loved one
  • Can provide a home where the confused or vulnerable can feel safe, respected and cared for
  • Know how to help, or where to get help that your client/loved one needs
  • Know how to reassure the client/loved one that they are cared for
  • To know how to relate through tone, volume, touch and gesture in a way that promotes harmony •
  • Understand the discrete culture or sub-culture that your client may have come from
  • Know how to engage the client or loved ones in healthy, safe physical activities to stimulate them and develop their talents and interests.

Health care is a multi-stakeholder partnership. Health care workers, health professionals, transport and logistics support, hospitality service providers as well as the key stakeholder, the client/resident are tightly interwoven in a network of relationship.

Health care workers, professionals and those who are registered as carers for their loved ones, play more than the immediate role of improving health outcomes of their clients and loved ones; they are also champion the promotion of social accountability and innovative thinking. They are often the Voice of the Voiceless. Community Care and Home Care workers ensure the human rights of the vulnerable are protected and that political pressure is brought to bear to ensure change continues.

In many ways the provision of care can feel like a thankless task. Research shows that motivation is one of the most important factors affecting worker behaviour and performance at work. Motivation is what energises you to take action, and it is motivation that affect choices made in goal-orientations.

To ensure professional competence, motivation is key. It is motivation that will enable a Home based Carer to stay the course, and the Community Carer or Health Care professional to remain in the workforce, making a positive contribution to the lives of the vulnerable, whether in community care, or in the home environment.

Within the Community Care or Home Care environments, motivation can be recognised as the degree of willingness to exert an effort, and to maintain that effort towards the achievement of the NDIS organisation’s goals, to providing the ongoing care, either as a Health Care professional, or as a family Carer.

At Silver Service Care, we understand that motivation is both a psychological process and a transactional behaviour that is maintained and sustained by a wide range of interactions between Carers, Health Care professionals, administrators, the work environment and the client themselves. We understand that Community Care is a complex network of arrangements, and that motivation is a complex concept.

By understanding the motivations of those who care for others, the factors that contribute to motivation and the ways in which motivation, or de-motivation, can impinge on the care of the client we are able to assist in the effective management of the health care workforce.

You're in good company

Jesus said: “The King will reply, ‘Truly I tell you, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me.”
(Matthew 25:40)
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