What are Your Continuing Professional Development Needs?

Because you’re a professional Carer, you need to undertake a certain amount of compulsory Continuing Professional Development each year. We want to hear from you, so please complete the survey so we can be sure to deliver exactly what you want.

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Whether you’re a Case Manager assisting people to remain living in their own home with help, a registered or enrolled nurse, a practitioner of alternative Chinese medicine, a podiatrist or carer, we will offer CPD that meets your needs.

Let our Silver Service Care practitioners provide the Continuing Professional Development for you and/or your team. Put your professional development in safe hands.

We practise what we teach!

Live / Real Time / Synchronous Sessions

  • Benefit from Questions and Answers with the Presenters
  • Discuss online with colleagues who have similar interests
  • Share your knowledge and experiences in Seminar sessions
  • Participate in work-related programs
  • Practise critical reflection in your work to facilitate ongoing performance improvement
  • Become a Silver Service Care Professional Member 

What do I Need to Do?

Whether you’re enrolling for a single course, or wanting to become a Silver Service Care Professional, the process is simple

  1. Enrol
  2. Pay
  3. Receive your Tax Receipt
  4. Select Your Course/s
  5. Attend the course (in real time or access the Silver Service Library during the year)
  6. Attend the course “virtually face-to-face”
  7. Interact with the Presenters
  8. Workshop in groups (virtually or with your work group)
  9. Receive your personalised, dated, signed Statement of Attendance.

Silver Service Care Statement of AttendanceA Statement of Attendance is:

  • A record of your attendance at a formal professional development course
  • A statement that verifies the name of the course and the date on which you attended;
  • A testamur that has a Unique Document Identifier which protects you by maintaining the integrity and authenticity of your testamur
  • An evidence of your commitment to ongoing professional development
  • A backup record of your accumulating CPD points – you keep it on your file and we’ll keep it on ours for your added security
  • A record of the date of training, the credentials of the Professional Presenter and an authentication by Presenter’s and Advisor’s signature
  • A statement attested to by Dr Luceille Outhred (Silver Service Care Advisor)

    Why is CPD Necessary?

    For professionals in some areas of the Care Industry CPD is mandatory to maintain registration. For others it is optional. For both it is very important. CPD is your way of ensuring you maintain high standards in your practice. It ensures the relevance of your qualifications and the currency of your experience. Silver Service Care provides work-related learning and development, which can continue throughout your career.

    Gain from peer-to-peer mentoring by experienced, highly regarded practitioners and share in the narratives of those who have lived the journey of loved ones with dementia, and who live the experience of life with permanent brain injury.

      Get the Best of Both Worlds

      You can have Silver Service and smorgasbord selections!

      We want YOU to tell us what you want. We have a list of programs we are offering, but we are keen to hear from you, so we can align our priorities with your priorities and with the needs of the industry.

      There are three broad categories to think about:

      • Formal CPD seminars
      • Informal work-related CPD
      • Workshop group sessions that contribute to your CPD

        logo Silver Service Care Professional Membership

        Our Presenters and Advisors want to work in partnership with you, and the industry, to determine your individual goals and industry requirements. You can be as involved as you want to be in managing your Silver Service Care Professional Membership annual package.

        Silver Service Care enables you to:

        • Retain currency with your registration
        • Hone your existing skills
        • Develop new skills
        • Broaden your knowledge into related practices
        • Gain additional specialisation skills
        • Be aware of clinical and technical developments in your sector
        • Understand the practical application of new skills and knowledge
        • Reflect on your strengths and where you need to improve
        • Enhance your communication skills with work-mates and with clients and residents
        • Plan your career and optional professional pathways
        • Consider the needs of your employer organisation

        Strategic Alliance

        Silver Service Care aims to bring you the highest quality of professional development.

        We have selected GEM College of International Business as our strategic alliance partners because they have been delivering high quality, accredited training since 1992. They've been delivering face to face training and Distance Education for 28 years and  they’ve led the field in providing highly interactive e-learning for more than 10 years.

        Our Continuing Professional Development courses will equip you to:

        What is Critical Reflection?

        Critical reflection infographic

        Critical Reflection is the practice of thinking about your work performance and ways you could improve.

        It means being critical (but kind to yourself) about the professional development you are undertaking and the ways in which you are applying it in your day to day functions, which can benefit your clients and your employer.  It means asking yourself the following questions:

        • How could my work performance be improved?
        • How can I apply my new knowledge to assist in the level of care for my clients/residents?
        • Who else could benefit from this CPD I have undertaken?
        • What should I do differently to successfully apply what I learnt in my CPD?
        • How could the application of this new skill to make it easier for my work-mates?
        • Do I have any habitual way of interacting with clients/residents that I should change to successfully apply what I have learnt?

        All successful professionals apply reflective practice to what they do.

        7 Stages of Professional Practice

        Silver Service Care is building a sustainable values-based educational and entrepreneurial ecosystem through interconnecting 7 forms of capital with 7 converging principles of transformational learning.

        Silver Service Care’s continuous professional development framework is based on 7 converging principles, with Silver Service Care Professional Membership at its core.  Each stage of learning provides a progressive pathway in transformational learning, leading to transformation of practice and workplaces, which in turn will lead to the transformation of community and societal values.

        Silver Service Care’s unique process converges:-

        • adult learning principles (andragogies and pedagogies)
        • specialist medical theory (intellectual capital)
        • professional practice (experiential capital)
        • storytelling (spiritual capital) and lived experience (social capital), and
        • culturally and linguistically diverse peoples (cultural capital); based on
        • sound information technology infrastructure (material capital) and
        • the investment of shareholders (financial capital)

        Silver Service Care 7 stages of Professional Practice

        logo Silver Service Care Specialisations - Through Spirals of Understanding

        You may choose to be a generalist in your professional development, selecting a diverse range of Continuing Professional Development courses, OR you may choose to specialise in a given area.  Silver Service Care offers a range of specialist domains, the following is provided as an exemplar.

        Bowel Management – Spiral your way to Specialisation:

        Silver Service Care Professional Specialist Pathway Example

        AGED CARE


        Silver Service Care home community care laughing happy people


        OUR TEAM